Tammy Wolinski - School Improvement, Title, and MTSS

“Let's play a game tonight!”  “On my way to find one.”  “Whose all playing?”  “YES! Can I pick the game?”  “I hope I win!”  “Count me in!”

Do these phrases sound like your household? If so, you are not alone. Board (and card) games are a common part of many households and with good reason. You may be thinking that games are just fun, or maybe you play them because it brings back good memories of your own childhood. Did you know that there are many benefits to playing board games for all ages? 

We have played games in our family for many years. Here are some benefits to these games and why we will continue to play for years to come. Games…

  • Reduce stress by offering laughter

  • Increase brain function at all ages

  • Teach us to be patient

  • Teach strategizing and thinking about the next steps

  • Build relationships with cooperation and trust

  • Develop a sense of creativity

  • Are a great way to sneak in reading and counting practice

  • Teach us how to win and lose (preferably with graciousness)

I hope you will be encouraged to pick up a board game or deck of cards and enjoy the benefits they provide!