Senior Spotlight

Eli Arndt

I plan to attend Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska and earn my associates degree in Horticulture and Golf Course Management. From there I plan to come back home and work at H2Grow with my dad. By far my favorite activity was basketball, all of the memories and relationships I have made through the game is something I will have forever.

- Eli Arndt

Ethan Hurt

I plan to go to Hastings College or University of Nebraska- Lincoln and major in some sort of Kinesiology or Interior Design. Without my friends I wouldn’t be where I am today. I would have a hard time doing my assignments and getting things done. Without them I wouldn’t be able to express myself.

- Ethan Hurt

Kylee Young

I plan on going to CCC to get my Gen eds and then after I am thinking about Occupational Therapy. My sister Emma has had the biggest impact on me because she made Hampton feel like more of a home than a new school

- Kylee Young

Nevaeh Lukassen

I plan to go to UNK as an early education major. Mrs. Jerabek has impacted me the most because she has always been there to encourage me every step of the way and guide me. She has influenced me to step into the education field and for that i'm grateful.

- Nevaeh Lukassen

Sam Wishman

My plan is to go to UNL and eventually go to seminary and get my MA of Divinity. Long term I hope to become a pastor and serve in full time ministry. My church family has impacted my high school journey the most because my most fun memories have been from VBS, church camp, and youth group.

- Sam Wishman

Brayden Dose

I plan to attend Wayne State for Physical Therapy and work near Hampton. Mr. Jones has probably had the greatest impact on me. He made coming to school much more enjoyable and gave me someone I could easily talk to and relate to. He was an amazing coach and helped me develop into the leader I am.

- Brayden Dose

Shae Kingery

Right now I am currently planning to attend the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I will either major in Business and Marketing with hopes to complete an Esthetician school and own my own business or Education! After I graduate I would love to travel and see places outside of the United States. My dream would be to spend a year abroad somewhere to learn a different culture! Far in the future I would hope to come back to the United States and live possibly in Colorado or Alabama and start my own family!

- Shae Kingery

Hayden Farris

I plan to go to Wayne State College and become a history teacher. My teachers have had a big impact on me. They have given me advice and guidance throughout high school.

- Hayden Farris

Korbin Stump

I plan to own and operate my own cattle production and farm. Coach Jones had a huge impact on me because he is willing to push you and helps you out with anything and everything. He is a good person to talk to and he will also joke around with you and have a good time.

- Korbin Stump

Grant Ferguson

I'm going to Wayne State to study exercise science. Coach Miller has had a huge impact on me. He definitely showed me what it means to lead, and that basketball is more than a game, but builds lifelong friendships.

- Grant Ferguson

Cason Lavender

I plan on attending Hastings CCC for trade school. I love playing football because of the experience and the family it creates. My brother has impacted me the most because he motivates me to keep going with everything that I do.

- Cason Lavender

Trey Moellenberndt-Kleier

I plan to attend Northeast Community College and get a degree in electromechanical technology. After I get my degree, find a company or join my dad's company. I enjoy billiards, working on vehicles, video games, and spending time with loved ones.

- Trey Moellenberndt-Kleier

Dani Dowling

I plan to go to Wayne State to get my degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. I then plan to be a Kindergarten Teacher somewhere in Nebraska. While most of the people in my life right now have had a huge impact on my future, Mrs. Farris is the one that's impacted me the most. She has always been more than music teacher to me, helping with life and with school. She's the one teacher that's always been by my side from 1st grade to Senior year, showing me happiness through music. Thank You Mrs. Farris!

- Dani Dowling

Evan Pankoke

I plan to attend Northeast Community College studying Agribusiness. My parents have impacted me the most because they have supported me in my decisions and also gave reasonable inputs to help me decide. They have also given me multiple opportunities that I'm very grateful for.

- Evan Pankoke

Maci Bullis

I plan to attend Xenon Academy to become a licensed cosmetologist. My goal is to run my own salon in Hampton and even rent out a chair or two in the future. My mom had the biggest impact on me throughout my high school journey. My mom has always been my best friend and always will be because of everything we have been through together. She has always known what to say in every situation and always reminded me throughout the years that it's just high school and I will be done very soon. I am forever thankful for the advice she's given and the bond that we have.

- Maci Bullis

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