Senior Spotlight

Clayton Wendt

I enjoy reading, riding my bike, playing strategy games as well as completing puzzles! I plan to attend UNK and study Social Science Education. When I was little I wanted to be a scientist that works in the lab, but now I plan to teach people about social science.

- Clayton Wendt

Jenna Hansen

I love to read; you can always find me with a good book in my hands! I also love spending time with my family and friends and being silly! I plan to attend Wayne State College and major in Elementary Education!

- Jenna Hansen

Jesse Dowling

Tell us about yourself… I write my own lyrics and music. I do like playing games, whether it be video games, board games, or card games. Minecraft, Monopoly, and Solitaire are my favorites. After high school I plan on going to college, I'm just not quite sure which one yet.

- Jesse Dowling

Drake Schafer

Tell us about yourself… I love the outdoors and playing sports. After high school I am going to study building and construction at Southeast Community College in Milford.

- Drake Schafer

Justin Gyhra

I enjoy running now and enjoyed skateboarding as a kid, and I am very good at an assortment of flips. I plan to further my education at Southeast Community College at Milford to become an electrician.

- Justin Gyhra

Emma Stump

I enjoy reading, writing, and playing video games with friends. I am unsure as to where I would like to attend college but I want to major in English! I originally wanted to go into a science career and then I remembered I hate math so now I would like to be an author after college!

- Emma Stump


I enjoy reading, playing video games, and sleeping. I plan to study architecture at UNK for 4 years and obtain my degree there and then join a firm in Lincoln or Omaha!

- Thomas Lawson


I spend a lot of my time at work and school but when I am not doing that I am always with my mom spending time with her whether we are planning a trip or just talking about our day! I was offered an opportunity at a business in Newton, Kansas that will give me opportunities in sales and travel .

- Ariel Miller


I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, shopping, getting coffee, and going to the lake! I plan to attend UNK, but am unsure of what I would like to study!

- Kylie Mersch

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