Senior Spotlight

Brayden Dose

I plan to attend Wayne State for Physical Therapy and work near Hampton. Mr. Jones has probably had the greatest impact on me. He made coming to school much more enjoyable and gave me someone I could easily talk to and relate to. He was an amazing coach and helped me develop into the leader I am.

- Brayden Dose

Shae Kingery

Right now I am currently planning to attend the University of Nebraska Lincoln. I will either major in Business and Marketing with hopes to complete an Esthetician school and own my own business or Education! After I graduate I would love to travel and see places outside of the United States. My dream would be to spend a year abroad somewhere to learn a different culture! Far in the future I would hope to come back to the United States and live possibly in Colorado or Alabama and start my own family!

- Shae Kingery

Hayden Farris

I plan to go to Wayne State College and become a history teacher. My teachers have had a big impact on me. They have given me advice and guidance throughout high school.

- Hayden Farris

Korbin Stump

I plan to own and operate my own cattle production and farm. Coach Jones had a huge impact on me because he is willing to push you and helps you out with anything and everything. He is a good person to talk to and he will also joke around with you and have a good time.

- Korbin Stump

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