Jeremy Sharp - Tech Director 

A recurring topic of discussion at our dinner table lately has been screen time. While we don’t normally allow phones at our table, we have gotten them out more than once to compare who has the highest and lowest average hours of screen time. I encourage you to have this conversation with the people in your house. It is very easy to check your screen time on your phone (instructions vary depending on brand and os version - if you aren’t sure do a quick search online). 

The reason why I write this is so that once you know your average time spent, you may want to consider bringing that number down as a new year’s resolution. You may also want to encourage some of the young people in your house to do the same. While I don’t blame the phone for all of our societal ills, I do think that we often spend more time on it than we should. By knowing how to find our average time spent and being conscious of when we use our phones, we can be more intentional about our usage. Who doesn’t want that in the new year?