Carson Klute - 7 - 12 Principal and Activities Director

Being from Hampton has always been at the heart of who I am because the community truly helps shape the young people that are cared for at Hampton Public School. Being a Hampton alumn has always given me a sense of pride because of the people who graduated before me.  The two letter-winner jackets that hang in my office, my grandpas from the 1950s, are a testament to that. To this day, I wish there was a way to watch the games grandpa told me about LeRoy’s scoring ability in basketball or how hard Dad said the Hahn twins ran in football in the late 70s. (Notice the stories I am told always have my family in the spectator role, never the spotlight…thanks genetics) Focusing on post-high school achievements, we have graduates such as Jodi Jefferson (Roehrs) who served multiple presidents aboard Air Force One, and Brad Jacobsen, who is the secondary principal at Ashland-Greenwood and a Nebraska Principal of the Year award winner. Hampton has a lot to be proud of, and I am excited to highlight those that continue to make Hampton proud. 

With the help of the journalism department, run by fellow Hampton graduate, Katelyn (Klute) Goertzen, we would like to begin a Hampton Alumni Spotlight segment. Here we wish to highlight alumni for both their experiences while at Hampton as well as where life has taken them since they graduated. 

The process for highlighting alumni should begin with the nomination of a graduate along with a number or contact information where we can reach that individual. We will send a document that the nominated individual will fill out that gives the journalism department enough information to create a biography. Please nominate yourself or someone else who you would like to be recognized to or We will reach out with further directions after this. 

This is a project that excites me because we get a chance to honor and highlight those that have made Hampton great and continue to support HPS, even from afar. 

Thank you for your continued support of Hampton Public School!