Jeremy Sharp - Tech Director

As we come out of Thanksgiving break, those of us who didn’t get all of our shopping done on Black Friday may need some help. If you are looking for a tech toy for your kid this Christmas, check out this site:

A few highlights from the list include the original Tamagotchi - what a great stocking stuffer and nostalgia for the parents! Another favorite of mine is any toy that adds coding! There are a few on this list and each one looks to be a great way for kids to learn about coding in a fun and engaging way. I also like the tech toys that don’t have a screen, as our kids seem to have so many screens in their lives. The virtual pong could be tons of fun, gets kids moving around, and have no screen involved! 

As always, before you buy a tech toy for your kid, I recommend you make sure the toy fits with your family values and will enhance your child’s life rather than just be a time filler that doesn’t offer any growth opportunities.