Holly Herzberg - Superintendent and Director of Assessment 

After our beautiful fall weather, it is hard to believe we may have to start thinking about wintery weather conditions.  In the event we will need to cancel school due to weather, the administration will activate the mass communication system.  This automated system will call your home and cell phone as well as text you with the cancellation message.  

Please be reminded this decision is typically made by 6:00 a.m. School closing information will also be given to NTV channel 13, KHAS channel 5, KOLN/KGIN channel 10/11, KLKN channel 8, and it will be posted on the Hampton Public School homepage, Facebook, and Twitter.  In some instances, the school may be open, but certain services or activities may be canceled (bus/van transportation, preschool, student activities, etc.)  Please remember that breakfast will not be served on days we have a late (10 a.m.) start.