Tammy Wolinski - School Improvement, MTSS,  and Title

It is hard to believe that we are almost through November and halfway through another fantastic school year. 

I recently came across an educational article about student skills that parents want their children to learn. These are skills I would consider to be timeless classics. No matter the generation, every parent wants these for their children.

One of the top skills all parents want for their kids is independence. By the time students graduate from high school, they should be independent enough to handle what life throws at them. At school, this can be supported by allowing students to make choices in the classroom with guidance from their teachers. Students can also have a say in what classes they take, make decisions about how much time and effort they put into their classes, as well as be able to self-assess their progress. Students can be accountable for their learning which in turn will help them become independent.

Another skill parents want for their children is being able to think critically and problem-solve. Teachers help students understand there are many ways to solve problems. In school, teachers will help students tackle problems that exist in the real world and perhaps have more than one solution. This will better prepare students for their future. Teachers can have their students learn the value of how to persuade and debate. Being a critical thinker and problem solver is certainly a skill we all use often.

Self-Advocacy is a skill for everyone to have. Teachers can help students acquire this skill by encouraging students to speak up for themselves and state their needs. We all learn in different ways, students need to express what helps them best. Advocating for ourselves ensures that as adults we can confidently put plans in place to help us be successful. 

We all need these skills and more in order to manage higher education, work, family, and relationships successfully.  With guidance at home and school, these valuable skills can be easily learned.