Tammy  Wolinski - School Improvement, MTSS, and Title 

It is hard to imagine that we have finished up the 1st quarter of the 22-23 school year. In my opinion, the time has flown by! 

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all who filled out the survey given out at parent-teacher conferences. Your feedback is crucial as it helps shape our school by knowing where we can improve and what to keep doing because it works well. We will also give surveys to our staff and age-appropriate sub-groups of students in the near future. Once survey results from all populations are complete, we will spend some of the 2:00 dismissal time sifting through the data and making a plan to continue to form Hampton Public School into the best it can be! If there is anything you thought of after completing the survey, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to add your thoughts to our collected information.

Sometimes when I am involved in an event, I begin to think about where the idea started and when. Naturally, I was curious how long parent-teacher conferences have been around. According to the website, these types of partnership meetings have been around since 1897. That is quite a history! Even 125 years ago people knew that a strong partnership between schools and families would be essential for student success. When the adults work together, the children reap the rewards of success. Thank you for sharing your child’s educational journey with us!