Hawk Journalism Staff

Jan Ediger - Guidance Counselor 

The Elementary students receive guidance lessons each week using the Second Step curriculum. The Second Step program is divided into four main units. Each lesson contains slides, videos, and activities to reinforce the concepts. 

This quarter students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade have focused on learning skills such as paying attention, listening, and practicing to get better at new concepts. They learn that paying attention not only helps them learn new things but also helps to keep themselves safe by being aware of their surroundings. 

In grades 3 and 4, students are learning how practicing new things can grow their brains and help create new pathways. They also learn strategies for getting better at a skill by trying a new way of doing it or by asking someone for help. These skills are important for developing perseverance and problem-solving. 

Grades 5 and 6 are learning how to set and reach goals. They are developing a plan to practice their new skill and adjust their plan if they are not making the progress they wanted. All of these concepts lead to helping students become more confident in their learning and develop strategies for the future. 

FAFSA Information for Senior Parents - 

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a form completed by current and prospective college students in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid. The FAFSA application opens on October 1st for the 2022-23 school year. All college-bound students are encouraged to complete their FAFSA application as early as possible. This will enable colleges to give students their financial aid packages at an early date. It will also allow students to apply for scholarships based on financial need. There are helpful videos on the EducationQuest website that give step-by-step instructions. Follow this link to EducationQuest: https://tinyurl.com/2hk37ca4