Hawk Journalism Staff

Carson Klute: 7-12 Principal & Activities Director

There is some controversy surrounding sports and activities. Is it fair to hold kids to a certain standard? Do we let our kids participate in competitive sports and environments with situations where students may win, but they also may lose? Is it worth the hours spent after school at practice or on the weekends at games?

My simple answer is…Yes! Why is it worth it though? Plain and simple, school-based extracurricular activities, which include sports like football and volleyball, which are currently being played, and activities such as quiz bowl, speech, and one act, promote the shared values that we have in this school and community. These shared values include accountability, teamwork, and commitment. Being accountable to teammates and coaches for 6:00 am weights is not always easy, but it does promote success. Being the lead in the play and having to battle through sickness is not fun, but it does promote resiliency. These are opposed to the values that are promoted on ESPN’s Top 10 or on social media. However, the values taught in our activities are values that will help our kids be successful long term. The “We Over ME” movement among some sports teams helps showcase this in one simple phrase.  

I do not believe we truly appreciate our time spent as part of a high school team until several years have passed since the last jersey was put on or the final line is spoken. It was not until I was on a team in college with 100+ players from all around the country that I found out I did not really enjoy football as much as I enjoyed working with, and playing for, people who all shared a common purpose. I wholeheartedly support our activities here at Hampton Public School, and as Activities Director, I will continue to promote and push for our students to be involved. I would like each student to find something that he or she is passionate about and see with what activity that interest best aligns. Sometimes it may be easier for students to work or go home after school. However, I encourage everyone to find an extracurricular activity to be a part of because the benefits will continue to show throughout the life of the student.