Hawk Journalism Staff

Angie Arndt - Elementary Principal - Special Education Director 

Strive ~ To work hard to reach or achieve a goal. To be better than you were yesterday.

Thrive ~ To grow, develop, and succeed.  It is to prosper, to flourish, to be your best self.

The elementary students are spending this year ‘Striving to Thrive’.  Teachers and staff are on the lookout every day to find elementary students who are working hard to reach a goal, who are giving great effort, who are helping others grow, and who are trying to be better today than they were yesterday.  When a teacher or staff member recognizes someone who is ‘Striving to Thrive”, a nomination form is completed and submitted to Mrs. Arndt.  In years past, Mrs. Arndt would have the student who received this recognition come to the office to make a positive phone call home to parents.  This was referred to as a Good News Call of the Week.  This year, we decided to change the format to recognize students in front of their peers during elementary lunch and to share the presentation on Hawk Nation (the school’s Facebook page) so all members of the community can share in the successes of our students.  

I’d like to honor the students that have received a ‘Strive to Thrive’  during the 1st Quarter of the school year.  

Congratulations to the following students: Adelyn Blase, Reis Stump, Cassidy Goertzen, Scarlett Hansen, Ethan Spirk, Cason Bamesberger, Owen Begley, Felix De La Cruz, and Trinity Mooney.