Zaya Stuart - Student Reporter

FFA Land Judging competitors talk about their experience at State Competition. 

How did you prepare for state? 

Brayden Dose: We took soils from past competitions in the area and practiced with them. We focused on what textures feel like so we knew what soils might feel like over there. 

Drake Schafer: We worked in the classroom everyday, and we went to different sites with Mr. Seeman. He helped us with understanding the slope. 

What are your thoughts on how well you did?

Evan Pankoke: I was shocked! This is my second time ever judging land. Overall, our team did really well. We had big improvements from districts to state. 

Brayden Dose: I was surprised! While they were going through the four sites, I felt all were very hard to judge. 

What does this mean for the Hampton FFA program?

Lillian Dose: It gives us a sense of pride, and it’s nice to know we represent something that reflects what we do around Nebraska. It's also exciting to know that we get to experience something only a few do. 

Brayden Dose: We are one of the few teams that Mr. Miller has taken to nationals. We feel accomplished! We set an example for future land judgers. 

This team is excited to participate at the National Land Judging Competition in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in early May 2022.