Tammy Wolinski - School Improvement, MTSS, Title

In a few days, everyone will be home for summer break, anxious to do all of the summer fun activities. Summer is all about a change in the daily routine for kids. It is a right of passage that all adults have gone through. Summer is a great time to do all the extras that don’t fit into school schedules.

Here are some ideas for various age groups to encourage minds to keep turning and give purpose to summer. Remember, this is a time to not only regenerate for the next school year but to have experiences that the school cannot provide.

  • Attend a camp. There are many offerings at the Edgerton Center, Stuhr Museum, churches, The Leadership Center, Timberlake, etc. Your child can grab a buddy and go or head out alone and make new friends with similar interests at camp.

  • Find a hobby and turn it into a profit. Can your child craft or bake? Do they enjoy taking photos? How about building with wood such as a birdhouse or squirrel feeders? What if they have fun while earning a little spending money? What else can they do that is fun with a purpose?

  • Learn a new skill just because it is fun! Craving a chance to learn a new language? Check out Duo Lingo! Want to learn to play piano? There are youtube lessons for those. In fact, there are youtube lessons for pretty much anything. Baking, decorating, martial arts, yoga, sewing, crocheting, science experiments, etc. 

The ideas for a fabulous summer are endless! I wish all of you a fantastic summer, and I look forward to hearing about your summer adventures when I see you in the fall!