Hampton Journalism

Tammy Wolinski - School Improvement, MTSS, and Title

Having a guaranteed and viable curriculum is important to our school. We strongly believe that student success comes from clear learning expectations, equal opportunities to learn essential content, and timely assessments including feedback. A guaranteed curriculum lets us know that specific content is taught at specific grade levels and in specific courses. It would not be an advantage to our students if they learned the same thing in every classroom every year! Viable means there will be enough instructional time to teach the content we have identified as important. 

Teachers at Hampton have created curricula for their classes. These are used as a roadmap for everyone to know what is taught in the classes they are taking. You can view these on our website, www.hamptonhawks.us, under the HPS Curriculum Directory link. You, as parents, guardians, grandparents, friends, community members, etc. can view exactly what is being taught to our students. 

Another layer of excellence regarding curriculum is our textbook rotations. We are committed to adopting high-quality learning materials for each teacher to use. Such materials will include but are not limited to current copyright dates, high support in physical and online materials, meeting Nebraska standards, and a high recommendation for Ed Reports, a service to educators evaluating learning materials. As times change in education, these values are a staple for teachers at HPS!