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PLEASE NOTE: TUESDAY JANUARY 27 WILL BE A 2:00 DISMISS AND WEDNESDAY JANUARY 28 WILL BE A REGULAR DAY. . .Upcoming Events: 1/23 - G JV 4pm, B JV 5:30pm, HS Girls/Boys BB @ Meridian 6:15/8pm. . .1/24 - CRC Basketball Tournament Begins TBA. . .1/26 - CRC BB Tournament TBA. . .1/27 - CRC BB Girls play at 3:00. . .1/28 - Juniors NeSA Testing 8:45am. . .1/27 - 2:00 Dismissal - Teacher In-Service. . .1/29 - CRC BB Tournament TBA. . .1/30 - CRC BB Tournament TBA. . .1/31 - CNFL #2 Speech at G.I.S.H.

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All the students honored at Hawk Honors on October 23.

About Hampton Public Schools

Hampton Public School is a class III school district located in Hamilton County, Nebraska.  The school building is located at 458 5th Street, Hampton, Nebraska.  The 7-12 building was constructed in the early 1970′s. The Hampton Public School has a long history of academic and activity success.The majority of the students pursue a college prep curriculum.A high percentage of the graduating students pursue some kind of post high school education.  The students at Hampton Public School take a great deal of pride in participating in a wide range of activities including: music, speech, drama, FFA, quiz . . . read more

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